Optimizers Group, Netivity and Eezeebee continue as Optimizers

Nijkerk, July 6th 2022

Following the creation of the Optimizers Group and the joining of Optimizers’ forces with Eezeebee in 2019 and Netivity in 2020, as of today all three brands will henceforth continue under the Optimizers brand name.  

‘With a renewed look through a new corporate identity and website, we want to make it clearer to all customers and employees who we are and what great solutions we have throughout the Order-to-Delivery chain,” says Heiko van de Vlugt.

Our new logo includes a distinctive + indicating that our solutions not only provide a plus for our customers, but we also have more than one specialty. By jointly branding Optimizers, we will clearly position our Order-to-Delivery Suite in the market. 

More information

Do you want to know more about this henceforth? Please contact Heiko van der Vlugt e-mail heiko.vandervlugt@optimizers.nl or call 033-2541188

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Who are Optimizers?

Optimizers is a group of 160 specialists with passion for SAAS technology. Our products are developed in-house within the range of order to delivery. We want to Optimize your future by creating the best SAAS software solutions.

We invest in long-term relationships with our customers and our employees. Let’s grow together is one of our slogans, that counts for our customers as well as for our co-workers.

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