EDI Gateway

Optimizers and Exact have signed a cooperation agreement which makes the Exact EDI Gateway available worldwide for Exact Globe users.

Exact EDI specialists.

The Exact EDI Gateway has already been implemented at over a 100 companies. Hence, Optimizers has a team of specialists, exclusively focused the EDI system and Exact Globe. The Exact EDI Gateway is used from the USA to Australia. Our EDI software team is the point of contact for Exact Globe users for any questions about connectivity with the EDI system.

The Exact EDI Gateway has the Exact product code: GATES0001.

Benefits of EDI Gateway Exact Globe

Saves you time and money

Orders are automatically imported or exported.

Worldwide standard 

Internationally accepted and applied by many organizations.

Flexible in use

Easily adjust messages if suppliers have new requirements.

Fewer errors

Automated to prevent manual errors.

Exact EDI is easy to use.

The power of this EDI module lies in the complete processing of transactions within the Exact Globe database, which makes the creation of new messages easy to implement and connecting new trade partners effortless.

What is EDI?

The EDI Gateway is a flexible solution for electronic data interchange (EDI). The EDI system is the standard for the optimization of the exchange of company documents and chain cooperation. Exact EDI Gateway allows you to electronically exchange orders, stock messages, product data, packing slips and invoices and more. These EDI messages let you register products paperlessly, shorten queues in distribution centers and expedite and upgrade the handling of goods.

Exact Globe EDI.

With the EDI Gateway for Exact Globe users, Optimizers has responded to the demand from users of Exact software: flexible EDI software that is prepared for the future. With customers such as Haribo, the Bieze Food Group, Van Delft Biscuits, Theha, Veco Zuivel, Teeling Petfood and dozens of other customers, we have proven with the Gateway that this EDI link can be implemented quickly at limited costs.

EDI support for e-commerce companies

E-commerce companies expect real-time feedback when it comes to orders being placed about, for example, delivery times and stock quantities. The EDI Gateway supports the order response required by today’s e-commerce companies.

EDI Provider.

To send EDI messages, you also need an EDI provider to the EDI Gateway. An EDI provider receives, translates and sends the EDI messages between you and your customer. The EDI Gateway always works in collaboration with an EDI provider.

Exact Globe SSCC.

Large supermarket chains often require their suppliers to use SSCC labels which then need to be communicated through the EDI system. For the logistics Exact Globe user who wants to use SSCC labeling Optimizers has the SSCC module which can be implemented quickly.

3PL connectivity.

Unburden your logistics partner

The EDI Gateway is able to connect your external logistics service provider in addition to the standard EDI communication. Including this process in the automation ensures that you can automate the digital communication with your logistics service provider.

This allows your picking orders to be sent to your external logistics service provider without additional actions, and the response is received and processed. Goods transactions can be validated between product location and the logistics service provider.

The communication can take place in two ways: through the usual EDI channels and associated message types or through FTP communication. In both cases, there is a seamless connection to the process set up in Exact Globe.

Exact Business Software.

EDI Gateway is Exact-certified

Optimizers has developed a standard EDI module for the Exact Globe customer that is flexible and quick to implement. The Exact EDI Gateway works with the SDK (Software Development Kit) from Exact Software and has been certified through an extensive audit.

SDK certification by Exact Software means that the software module has been developed in accordance with Exact Software standards and correctly uses the SDK from Exact. As a result, transactions in the Globe database are written in a way that is authorized by Exact.

More information about EDI Gateway.

Would you like to know more about EDI Gateway or one of our other products? Please fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will be happy to inform you about our products and methods!


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